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A Great (and tasty) Marketing Example

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My wife and I vow that one of these years we’re going to start keeping information about wines we enjoy. Maybe its the time involved or the tough peeling of labels from bottles, but we never seem to start cataloging our favorite bottles.

That’s why this little piece of marketing caught my eye. I’ve yet to really see a winemaker take advantage of the space they have on bottles. Yes, there are some great designs, but how many times has a marketing method been used on the bottle’s real estate? I was about to throw this bottle away tonight when a peel-off label caught my eye on the back of the bottle.

img_0071.JPG img_0072.JPG

On the back of the peel-off label are the winery’s website, phone number and type of wine you drank. Rosenblum Cellars did a great job with this! The only thing missing was a custom landing page where they could track the success of the label. The url listed was their main site. Imagine the possibilities with that label – special urls with promos, newsletter sign-ups, pre-buying of new releases, advertising of new vintages, etc.

But, they got my attention and I’ve even started a notebook with the small label. Hopefully, more wineries will jump on this bandwagon.

TO FURTHER THE DISCUSSION: Drew McLellan of Drew’s Marketing Minute had this post this weekend about winemakers changing their thinking about how they market themselves to their customers. Whoever thought the combination of wine and marketing would make such a good discussion!

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Oooh, that is good. I like that one. Having dealt with more than a couple wineries in my webdev days, this really is unique and out-of-fthe-box thinking. Most wineries treat the bottle as too sacrosanct for something like a peel-off label.

Matt – that’s why this surprised me so much. You don’t see many wineries doing this, but they did it in a way that preserved their brand and offered a reason to come back. Thanks for checking out the post!

My wife is a great wine lover. I don’t know much about how they market. The peel off label is a cool idea. I would like to see peel off coupons that you could use right away at the store, that would get you to buy again.

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Steve – Thanks for stopping by! I agree, the coupon angle would be a great way to use the label.

Have you committed a Cardinal Zin?

This marketing truth stings. Just because you care about it, doesn’t mean anyone else does. Whether you are the creator/inventor, business owner, assembly line foreman, sales manager or marketing genius — what matters to you may very well not matter


As you say — perhaps the wine industry is beginning to change and realize that they have to actually cater to their customers!

I updated my wine marketing post and added a link to this post. It’s a great addition to the conversation!


Thanks! I appreciate it. I’ve updated my post as well. Its a fun and interesting topic to discuss.

[...] You know, sometimes it’s really freaky how there are more people in EXACTLY the same situation as you than you think. For example, I’ve just read this article on the Lonely Marketer blog: A Great (and tasty) Marketing Example « Lonely Marketer [...]

[...] Oddly enough, one of my more popular posts was about…a wine bottle. Earlier in the year I posted about a “peel-off” label that caught my attention. Rosenblum Cellars implemented the label into their bottle design. For a better description, check out my original post. My wife and I thought this was a great idea as we’re always wishing we’d saved something to remind us of good wines we’ve tried.I was reading Brand Week recently and came across an interesting article about wine bottles and how they are evolving. The article focuses on the Amazing Food Wine Co. of New York and their efforts to take the guesswork out of pairing food with wine. [...]

[...] I’ve just discovered that well over a year ago, this label phenomenon was reported by The Lonely Marketer. Not only that, but Patrick Schaber then further followed-up that post with an interview that [...]

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I am in marketing with a small company. Reading this post about the desire to know what you purchased … in this case wine is what every potential client would like.

Thanks for the idea! The easier we make it for our clients to order, the more money we make.