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Don’t Panic – Google Quality Score Update Should Help

Category : paid search, search engine marketing


Google made an official announcement and I’ve seen some posts about the Google Adwords Quality Score update today. The announcement indicated we will now be able to see our keyword minimum bid and Quality Score on the AdWords site. Also talked about was an upcoming Quality Score algorithm.

To clarify, I spoke with my Google rep today and she said that a full roll-out of the Quality Score being visible on the site may not happen until the 20th of this month. The announcement indicated later this week, but it looks like there is a delay.

Also, the changes to the algorithm look positive and shouldn’t cause PPC advertisers to change too much of their strategy. Basically, they’re giving new keywords a lower minimum bid initially until they’ve gathered sufficient data to come up with an actual minimum bid that reflects the quality score. There are other tweaks as well that you can read in the announcement, but this is the one that stuck out for me. I think it should make it less expensive to roll out new ad groups and keywords.

I suspect there will be more focus on Quality Score now that advertisers can see their actual score on keywords. You can bet that if you have a “Poor” ranking you’ll be working harder to improve your score.

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