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Wow, This is Great Marketing

Category : branding, strategy


I’ll admit it – I was intrigued enough by a piece of follow-up communication that I spent twenty of my fifteen free minutes last evening reviewing an online email marketing service. I was blown away and felt this bit of marketing was definitely worthy of attention on the Lonely Marketer. It’s these types of simple marketing tasks that can set small business apart from any competitor no matter of size!

Like most bloggers, I’ll occasionally receive a thank you email from a company if I reference them in a post and at least once a week receive a solicitation to try or review a new product. But, rarely am I surprised by the approach someone will take in contacting me. I wrote a post recently called Tips For Quick Email Marketing Responses which highlighted a brief article written by Clint Smith, co-founder of emma, a web-based email marketing service. Their follow-up blew me away.

I received a hand-written note from emma and two medals – a medal of Wordsmithery and a medal of Pulitzerishness. Included on the medals was the caption, “We nearly splurged for a trophy”. Great humor! The thank you note read:

“Hi Patrick,

Thanks so much for blogging about our tips for getting immediate response not too long ago. That was awfully nice of you – we’re flattered, and we love what you’re up to there at the Lonely Marketer.

Anyway, we dig your blog and decided to give you a medal – or two, in case you feel like sharing. Enjoy, and thanks again for all the great work.

Cheers, emma”

What a great form of Marketing! It encompassed a sincere thank you, some humor, and a look inside a company that appears to do things the right way. What it also did – without asking – is prompt me to take an in-depth look at their services. We can write about paid search, optimization, banner ads, print ads etc. until we’re blue in the face, but small business marketers can take a note from this type of marketing. It cost emma little to do this, but they may get a new customer out of it and free marketing from me writing about them. Brilliant!

I’m hoping a representative from emma contacts me because I’d like to do an interview for my SBM in Action Interview Series. Oh, and I’d like to learn more about their services…

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[...] If I were starting from scratch, however, I’d certainly take a look at Emma. Why? I love the “attitude” on their website. And then there is this testimonial. And, they’re in Nashville, next to my old stomping grounds at Vanderbilt. Some people shy away from the human element in their web presentation, but these folks revel in it, and for certain types of services, I think that is quite appropriate. [...]