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DSC00064Marketing Misfire Photo of the Week I couldn't resist taking this photo while walking around in Manhattan. I'll leave the company name out of it but this was their main marketing message on the front of the building. They may want to consider...

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video-300x300Beginner's Guide to Video Marketing Disclaimer: I'm am not a professional video producer. If you've read my blog for a few years you'll know I typically embrace the latest mediums in marketing, learn them, and implement them in my teams'...

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Clean ShirtsHome Delivery Dry Cleaning Case Study: How Performance... Many of my readers are marketing professionals so stick with me on this post until the end. Although it looks like a post reviewing local dry cleaners it was actually inspired out of seeing first hand...

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Hotel Video Marketing - Good Tool or Not? I recently wrote about an experience I had in Europe staying at Ibis hotels. I was impressed with their marketing of their services and the backing of that brand marketing by hotel staff. The post was...

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Yoda.sized5 Steps To Analyzing That New Marketing Effort I was recently watching the original Star Wars movies with my kids. An absolute timeless series, but it's amazing how much more suspenseful that was when I was much younger. Graphics and special affects...

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In Case You Missed It….

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My buddy Matt McGee over at Small Business SEM had a post recently that I thought was a great idea. He’s had a surge of subscribers in the last six months so he’s doing a recap of older posts that his new readers might not have seen. Well, I’m stealing the idea (thanks, Matt :) ). Hat-tip to Matt for the idea.

I also have a fair amount of new readers in the last couple of months so I thought I’d list some posts from earlier in the year and last year that were popular among my subscribers at that time. Enjoy and let me know what you think of them!

Actually, this is a good exercise for every blog! Here are 4 blogs I’ve recently subscribed to and am enjoying reading. Let’s see if they’d be up to sharing some of their most popular posts.

Anyone else interested in sharing their popular content? Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out Matt McGee’s – I think you’ll like what you see.

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That is a good idea – Thanks Matt and Patrick! You may have started a new blogging trend :) I’m a new subscriber and appreciate the links ~

Patrick & Matt — Great idea here guys. Patrick, Thanks for forwarding this to me. I’ll have my post up later today with a link back to both of your posts. Spreadin’ the love.

Patrick & Matt: Appreciate the mention and good idea. I’ve been thinking about a “popular post of the year” for awhile, but now I have no excuse!



[...] Matt recently dug into his archives to point out the five posts new readers of his blog may have missed. Five posts that represent some of his best thinking. I’ll do the same here. First, I should point out that this idea originated over at The Lonely Marketer and Small Business SEM. [...]

[...] Matt McGee, author of Small Business SEM and Patrick Schaber, author of The Lonely Marketer have run an “in case you missed it” post periodically with links to some of the more popular posts from the past. Both bloggers not that they have experienced an increased number of subscribers in a short time period, many who may not have seen some posts that others responded well to. This is great way to further hook some of your newer subscribers. [...]

Hey Daniel,
No problem on the mention! I look forward to seeing your popular posts. You have a great site!

[...] Pass it forward Following the example of Patrick Schaber, Scott Monty, Matt Dickman, Greg Verdino, Mark Goren (who pinged me for this post) and probably many more, I dug into my archives to select my 5 favourite posts. [...]

In Case You Missed It……

Patrick Schaber at The Lonely Marketer tagged me on his post that highlighted some of his older posts. The idea originally came from Matt McGee’s post.
Here’s my list of some of my older posts:
Fixing Askismet Comment False Positi…

[...] Vovo over at Business Traffic Ideas threw this idea to me. He caught it from Patrick Schaber at The Lonely Marketer who spotted the idea originated by Matt McGee over at Small Business SEM. [...]

[...] Vovo over at Business Traffic Ideas threw this idea to me. He caught it from Patrick Schaber at The Lonely Marketer who spotted the idea originated by Matt McGee over at Small Business SEM. [...]