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Blogging For Business And The M20 Blogs

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twofingers.jpgI wanted to plug two great efforts in the blog world that I’ve come across in the last week. I haven’t done one of my larger blog post recaps in a few weeks, but I wanted to pass on two very worthy articles.

First, over at the Create Business Growth blog, Christine has a great series running about using your blog knowledge to make money. We talk alot about the usual efforts of placing ads on blogs, but she’s actually talking about the opportunity out there to offer blog setup and related services to businesses or individuals. I couldn’t agree more with what she’s writing. This also speaks to the momentum that social media has going into new BtoC and BtoB marketplaces – many more businesses wondering how to enter social media. So far, she’s written part one and part two. I’m sure part three is coming soon – check it out!

I also want to highlight Peter Kim and a great effort he has started. He’s created a list – called the M20 blogs – based on some unique measurements that ranks blogs written by client-side marketing professionals. There are great marketing sites authored by agency professionals, but as Peter points out, us client-side marketers have a little different spin and twist on some common marketing themes. I was lucky enough to be included and am currently holding the 9th spot. Be sure to check out Peter’s formula for ranking the M20 blogs. Here’s the list so far:

  1. ExperienceCurve :: 74
  2. Strategic Public Relations :: 70
  3. Listen Up! :: 57
  4. BeRelevant! :: 51
  5. Marketing Nirvana :: 49
  6. Conversation Agent :: 49
  7. Todd And – The Power To Connect :: 48
  8. Decker Marketing :: 45
  9. The Lonely Marketer :: 41
  10. cgm :: 37
  11. Flooring The Consumer :: 36
  12. The Marketing Excellence Blog :: 35
  13. Bernaisesource :: 34
  14. Biznology :: 34
  15. Cross The Breeze :: 32
  16. Churbuck.com :: 32
  17. AttentionMax :: 32
  18. “Turbo” Todd Watson :: 31
  19. Masiguy :: 31
  20. Community Group Therapy :: 31

Thanks Christine and Peter for two great contributions! Let me know your thoughts on their work.

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Thank you for pointing out Christine’s series. It is a valuable resource. And for Peter’s list, congratulations on your number 9 spot. Until today I did not connect that B2B is one of your sweet spots ;-) Good of you to remind me as I will be back here more often.

Patrick- congrats for making the list! I am happy to be in such good company

Thanks for visiting! I thought they were two great efforts that deserved some attention.


Hey Eric,
Congrats to you as well! One reason I like these lists is because I always come across new sites and new people I didn’t know before. Glad to have found your Marketing Excellence Blog!

BTW – congrats on the new job at HP. I hope it’s going well!


Patrick, thank you for highlighting Peter Kim’s efforts. His thought process and logic have changed my perception of client side vs. agency blogging.

Hi C.B.,
Me too. I think we’re fortunate that there are the two perspectives! It makes for interesting reading.

[...] Kim for a long time, but don’t check out his personal blog often. I found it by following a link from Patrick Schaber, who I found in turn via Matt McGee. Matt I found because we share the same tags on MyBlogLog, the [...]