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Fall in Minnesota

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There are some things you just have to take a step back and appreciate. One of them is Fall in Minnesota. The clean crisp air, bursting leaf colors, kids jumping into leaf piles, apple orchards, and football. Perfect!

Minnesota Fall Colors

Minnesota Trees and Fall Colors

Comments (6)

Great photos. My wife and I spent all day Saturday in nature’s way, New England style.

Hey Lewis,
Minnesota has some great qualities, but I’ll admit, nothing beats New England in the Fall! That is such an incredible area.



Couldn’t agree more. While I was here in MN last fall, this is my first season with the wife and kids here with me, and we absolutely love it!

Great pics!


Hey Sean,
Great to hear from you! Glad you and your family are liking Minnesota. It’s a great place to raise a family.

Hey Pat,

Is that your back yard? Must be a menace to mow! I’m hoping that my grass cutting days are done now, the days are certainly getting shorter and there is a noticeable bite to the wind. I imagine Minnesota weather isn’t that different from Toronto.


Hey Garry,
Yes, it gets a little tedious to mow this time of year. But, in a few months I’ll be itching to get outside again!