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What A Way To Buy Wine!

Category : branding, strategy


My wife and I truly enjoy a nice bottle of wine. We enjoy discovering a new variety and finding that perfect bottle. But, one aspect of wine buying that always has frustrated me is the liquor store experience. How many times have you been charged with picking up a bottle of wine as a house warming gift or bringing the bottle of wine to your friend’s house for a dinner party? You step into the store and there are endless rows of bottles separated only by white/red, maybe region where originated, and price. Not a good way to buy wine.

Ugh! You decide that $10 may be too cheap for the friend’s party so you hit that $15-$30 range, but you’re only making that decision because you perceive a $20 bottle of wine to be better than a $10. Is that any way to buy wine? What a shot in the dark.

Well, I was recently in Manhattan for business and was walking down a street in SOHO when I saw a store called Bottlerockets. I fell in love instantly. Voted the best wine store in New York, this place has mastered the wine buying experience.

Bottlerockets New York Wine Store

Need to buy wine for a gift for the boss? How about find a wine paired with a certain food or just takeout? Have an occasion that needs the perfect wine? Or, are you looking for wines selected by famous critics? Bottlerockets has organized the wines based on the consumer’s needs. Whatever your need, you’ll have a variety of options that make the experience fun, educational, and easy.

If that isn’t enough they have a wine book store and a kids nook stocked with toys to further compel the busy parent to take a few seconds and stop in.

This is how you should buy wine. I don’t know enough to walk through endless rows of bottles and select a variety that is right for my tastes or for other factors. I’ll typically go by bottles I know I like or by a price range. Bottlerockets changes that. I’d be more adventurous and focus more on the experience of a good bottle of wine rather the price.

Hats off to Bottlerockets! I wish they had a store in Minneapolis. They’re a small business that has created a buying experience focused solely on the needs of the consumer. Small business marketers can learn a thing or two from Bottlerockets.

Do I have you thirsty for more wine talk? I did a little searching and found some more wine marketing discussions:

Comments (11)

[...] Patrick Schaber wrote a fantastic post today on “What A Way To Buy Wine!”Here’s ONLY a quick extractMy wife and I truly enjoy a nice bottle of wine. We enjoy discovering a new variety and finding that perfect bottle. But, one aspect of wine buying that always has frustrated me is the liquor store experience. … [...]

Thanks for the mention, Patrick. The next time you’re in that general part of Manhattan, you may want to check out a couple of other good wine shops with very focused marketing approaches:

- Moore Brothers Wine Company
- Italian Wine Merchants


Will do! Thanks for the tips.


That’s a really great idea they have at that shop, Pat. Too bad more wine stores don’t take advantage of it.

I suppose, though, if you can find a shop where the staff knows their stuff, you can make do. Of course, I’m the type of person who likes to “do it myself” and not ask the staff for help unless I really need it, so I would love to have a wine store of this kind in my town…especially since I’m not exactly a wine expert.

What I’m trying to say is: I think I need to open a nice bottle of red tonight! This post has made me thirsty.

Hah! Good for you Adam! Enjoy your bottle of red tonight. I was hoping to inspire someone to enjoy some wine.

[...] companies actually answering your emails and local stores taking over initiatives from the US – what a way to buy wine! “One aspect of wine buying that always has frustrated me is the liquor store experience. How [...]

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your kind words about Bottlerocket. We love hearing that we are succeeding with our wine-buying experience. If there is a marketing lesson we’ve learning it is “stay focused on your customer!” I know that sound like a cliché, but I was a consumer first. And I thought the retail wine experience was pretty bad as a rule. Bottlerocket is the product of a lot of deep thinking by a bunch of talented folks about how to turn that around.

Our team is planning on rolling this model out nationwide. So hopefully one day we’ll be able to bring Bottlerocket to Minneapolis, a great, fun, innovative city.

Thank you, again. And I hope you’ll introduce yourself the next time you’re in town.

All the best,

Tom and the Bottlerocket Team

I was googling for Bottlerocket since I was in the States last March. What a real great store, perhaps American but yeah, I fell in love with it.

Just like Starbucks; I’d love to import this to The Netherlands.


Just to read about your comments on this store makes me want to go there on my next holiday (vakantie in dutch) to the states. I think you point out some good suggestions on how to improve the customers experience.

Never been to Bottlerockets but judging from the picture, I understand why it was voted the best from New York. :)

really wounder full way to buy!!!!Starting an operating a business with it is the best to do Bottlerockets speed. Thanks for all that you quired. The price range that is at initiative is bit OK. Best things are to be reconciled to be voted. what you think, replly…..