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Small Business Marketing Needs To Make The Shift

Category : b to b marketing, strategy


There is a major shift happening in the world of marketing. Actually, it’s been happening for some time, but many industries chose to ignore it.

As calls from ad reps start coming in trying to get business for 2008, I can’t help but notice that many traditional print magazines are leading with offers related to online marketing. I’ve watched the print trade magazines shrink in size for three years, but this is the first year that the sales reps are leading with online marketing mediums and opportunities.

I guess this should be no surprise to anyone, right? BtoB recently report that:

Internet advertising revenue for the first half hit a record $9.993 billion, up 26.4% from the year-earlier period, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers, which released a report Thursday.

Yet, it surprises me that “old school” magazines and reps are so quickly changing their tune. I’ve spent alot of my career in the telecommunication and data networking industry that has always been slow to evolve. There are many other similar industries. But, maybe this is a sign that they’re coming of age. How the magazines write and act are typically an extension of their audience.

BtoB also reports that the channels by which we reach our audiences online is spreading out:

Forrester said interactive spending will total $18 billion this year and jump to $24 billion next year. By 2012, it will reach $61 billion, the research firm said, driven by marketers that leverage multiple channels: e-mail, search, display advertising, online video and emerging media ad channels such as social and mobile.

Now, that is what I call a shift! It’s important to keep in mind that these stats are not just a representation of a bunch of marketers – these stats are a representation of the audiences and users that those marketers are trying to reach. We need to stay on top of that and make the shift as well.

Small business marketers need to stay aware of these statistics. Our budgets don’t allow for falling behind the times.

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Great post Patrick! I keep telling all my clients the same thing-you cannot ignore the power of the internet!

Hopefully, your clients are listening! Thanks for visiting the site.


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We make Internet Marketing down here in Mexico, and this statistics are really far away from the reality in countries without a fully trust in Internet Business and poor technical infrastructure. We are like 10 years delay respect American, Asian and European market. By the way we’ll try to be updated on this issues.

It’s about time print magazines started learning from the online world! With the internet so diversified and growing, print magazines need to get in gear if they want to survive, let alone thrive.

Good news for those of us who are already on the internet marketing bandwagon though! :)

In Australia, the internet has just overtaken TV as consumers primary media source. Advertisers need to ensure their advertising spends reflect consumers media choices – which is increasingly being reflected in online advertising.

Great artile! We have seen this to be true – many of our clients are spending less on offline advertising and more online advertising and promotions than ever before.

I have to agree with you that we really cannot ignore the power of the internet age. Traditional businesses need to be aware of this and make the change.

I see more opportunities for SMEs as this could level the playing ground for many, allowing them to compete with bigger boys on a small budget :)
With the right kno- hows, of course..


For some industries – especially the non-technical industries – the b2b market is still reliant on “old school” marketing techniques, (direct mail & fax marketing).

Online Marketing has definately had an impact to the direct marketing industry though.

Do you have any stats on the decline of the traditional direct marketing in the US?

Great post on a great topic. It is amazing what the Internet is doing to many forms of marketing especially print trade publications. Even direct mail in the US had a 1% decrease recently when a survey went out about marketing spending this year vs. last year.

Amazing how everyday we see more and more business understanding the importance of internet marketing. I just watched a special on Nike the past week and they have increased their internet marketing budget by over 1000% the last 36 months. Nike use to use internet marketing as a supplement to their traditional marketing now they budget just to make specific campaigns for the net.

I recall twisting arms at companies to get them to launch a web site in the late 1990s. Today, these companies have web sites that out-perform catalogs.

At the same time, those firms w/ some brick and mortar and a traditional print presence still seem to have a large advantage over companies that rely solely on the Web.

I agree, but you need to do you research because you can burn your profits quickly with online advertising. I suggest learning about SEO and SEM and applying those to your current website. This is what I have found is the best way to get the traffic with out spending the huge amounts of cash.

On the agency side, web marketing is all anybody wants to talk about these days. It’s a space in which there’s still plenty of opportunity for someone to make a big impression, since nobody has really figured out how to do it efficiently yet. Somebody’s going to make themselves a lot of money one of these days by figuring out how to exploit the web as an advertising opportunity.

I expect that this will just continue, and for good reason. I notice shifts like this on even small levels. My university newspaper is reducing the size of its printed format, while opting to increase their publication online.

The internet marketing and blogging sectors have see MASSIVE growth, by many general markets havent even tapped into the power of SEO/SEM.

Given the current market, I like running an online based business. Little over head and the ROI on SEO is pretty good.

well, it’s been almost a year since this post and I think we can both agree that online marketing is dramatically increasing. I think a lot of the people that are scrambling to pick up on the online marketing world our network television stations. With such a huge migration to the Internet for visual media, they have no choice. There’s been some serious increases in the technology for advertisers with people like CBS, and ABC. They stream TV shows now and are able to figure out how to get commercials to play on the net.

Great post, it was interesting for me the growth of online advertising. Due to GFC during 2008, we didn’t get to the projected $61 billion for 2012. However we are spending nearly $40 billion for 2012 according to eMarketer. What’s has been added to the mix since 2007 is the growth of social marketing.

It took awhile for us to get on the bandwagon with our insurance agency website.

I guess people fear change.

They don’t want to TRY something new.

The thing is that the COMPETITION is doing these things.

So if you want to compete you have to get with what is working NOW.

That is why internet marketing and social media is essential for any brick and mortar business.