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Need Content Marketing Ideas? Check This Out.

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Junta42We all can come up with fun, new ways to market our products or services, but at the end of the day it all comes down to content. Content marketing is what really sells. The well-written content is what truly attracts new customers.

Joe Pulizzi has been a long-time contributor to the Lonely Marketer community so when I saw his site, Junta42, come out with an incredible list of blogs that focus on content marketing, I knew I had to write about the effort. The Junta42 Top Blogs has a little something for everyone and is a very well put-together, comprehensive list of some of the top marketing blogs around.

Here are the top 42 (and yes, that is the Lonely Marketer proudly sitting at #33):

  1. Straight Talk with Nigel Hollis
  2. web ink now
  3. Conversation Agent
  4. Marketing Interactions
  5. Buzz Marketing for Technology
  6. ContentMarketingToday
  7. Copyblogger
  8. Web Strategy by Jeremiah
  9. Daily Fix
  10. Influential Marketing Blog
  11. Logic + Emotion
  12. CK’s blog
  13. Rexblog
  14. BeTuitive
  15. Consumer Generated Media
  16. Diva Marketing Blog
  17. The Origin of Brands
  18. The Viral Garden
  19. What’s Next
  20. Bernaise Source
  21. Drew’s Marketing Minute
  22. Made to Stick
  23. Writing White Papers
  24. Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog
  25. Writing on the Web
  26. Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020
  27. AttentionMax
  28. Brand Autopsy
  29. Branding & Marketing
  30. Eat Media Blog
  31. Passion2Publish
  32. Think Tank – King Fish Media
  33. The Lonely Marketer
  34. Custom Publishing Council Blog
  35. ExperienceCurve
  36. Marketing Whims
  37. Seth’s Blog
  38. THINKing
  39. Inspire Action
  40. Pandemic Blog
  41. Relevant and Valued
  42. The A-Ha! Blog

I’ve actually found some great new blogs in here that I didn’t know about before which is why these lists are so fun!

Comments (17)

Thanks Pat…and congratulations!


Love the post pat. It has some great tips to help people get started. I happen to be a big believer in content marketing. It is really under appreciated. I also like to use article marketing, it has worked well for me.

I agree comepltely.

What i don’t understand is: why are there so many blogs / websites on SEO and so few (relatively-speaking) on how to put together good content. Of course, SEO is important, and there are some excellent / relevant SEO blogs / sites. But just too much SEO overall.

Great Post! Tks for sharing the list. :)

Congrats to you for this great list. Seth’s blog at 37th position is somewhat surprising.

I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. Your tips are very useful for many people that are in process of starting a business.


Very good list! Ironically, I came across the Bernaise Source blog just yesterday.

Awesome list, this will come in handy, thanks!


A very long yet very good list of resources and references. Good post. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for the list. It’s quite useful as I myself have been trying to look around for some marketing ideas.

I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and have to say that your insights and posts are very interesting indeed..I do agree with you and contents are definitely the main driver for marketing online…


I started looking through that list and found there’s a lot of good information. I thought I would just skim it, but I’m going to have to set aside a block of time to work it with notepad in hand.

Thanks for the heads up.

Thanx for his interesting marketing blog list. Let’s start reading!

Thanks for the sharing the link and a cool creative Idea(i am talking about anything 42 as I can see list of top 42 blogs). Some of them are pretty new for me and i love to explore new blogs so I shall be checking all of those due to my addiction and curiosity.

Nice list Patrick – you have a new subscriber!

Also – cool plugin for displaying comments. Does it work for WP 2.6?

Very useful list Patrick. Thanks for posting. Those content blogs are really great and informative.

Great checklist for content marketing ideas. Search engines also like fresh, original content and updating content regularly will increase higher organic original visibility in SERPs.