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Who Hijacked The Lonely Marketer

Category : blogging


Well, very simply – life did. Life hijacked the author of the Lonely Marketer. The Teeter-Totter of balance in my life tilted too far in one direction and needed re-balancing. My guess is that many of you have felt the same thing somewhere on your path where something had to give. I was offered a nice career opportunity that I jumped at coupled with two amazing, young children and an incredible wife. At the same time, I was really hitting my stride with this blog. I was invigorated by the flow of conversation and the thought that I was providing material that other people read and enjoyed. Then, KABOOM! Work was much more demanding. I wanted to spend time with my kids and enjoy their every move. And oh yeah, maybe even see my wife in person, rather than on Skype, once in awhile. Something had to go on hold and unfortunately it was my website.

I come across some of the wonderful contacts and friends I made through this experience once in a while and the common questions is, “where did you disappear to?”. I can’t blame them for asking. I felt like I vanished as well. The subscriber count, the traffic, the mentions on other sites, the links, etc. weren’t what I missed – It was the ability to keep up with the conversation and the people. I’ve kept up with some of you and hope to re-engage with those of you who I’ve missed.

But, it’s time to jump back in. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be staring at a blank screen again with tons of white space waiting for my hands to cruise over a keyboard and fill it with thoughts, stories and insight. There may not be three posts a week as I’d done previously, but I hope to jump back into the conversation with a post every week or so.

I look forward to catching up with all of you and again working together to figure out the maze of marketing options available to us!

Comments (7)

So glad to see you in circulation again. Now my next goal is to get you to come to one of our GetListed Local University events. I think you’d love it.

Hey Matt,
Thanks for being the first to comment after my re-launch! Keep me in the loop on your GetListed Local events. I’d like to try to catch one.


Unbelievable, isn’t it? You just restart your blog after so long and the 2nd comment is from a spammer.

Welcome back to blogging, Pat. :-)

Spammers are trickier than they used to be. They’re getting good, unfortunately!

I’m really glad to see you back in action. I’ve just discovered The Lonely Marketer, I’ve been running through your archives and I’m really impressed. I know what it’s like for life to get in the way of a blog. If you’re interested, I’d love to take a little weight off your shoulders by offering a guest post or three. I’m a freelance copywriter and I think we could probably think up a number of topics your readers would be interested in. Let me know what you think.

I agree, I’ve only just found this blog but reading through the archives, despite how out of date some of the information is it really is quite useful. I’ve found the old PPC blog articles quite helpful for me.

I know how life can be. I work, own three businesses, goto school for information technology on top of having a wife and a 3 year old daughter.

As a matter of fact I have another dose of life on the way with the announcement of my second child.

Needless to say many of my blogs remain stagnate.