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Packer Brand Appeal – in Honduras?

Category : branding


A bit of a sidetrack for this site, but WOW – talk about global brand appeal.

I was with my family on vacation right after the Super Bowl. We were on a bus in Roatan, Honduras when I saw the Packer banners hanging from this tiny bar tucked away near the West End beach in Roatan. I knew the NFL had increasing international appeal but I never thought it was quite that far.

Granted, the NFL is taking steps to globalize their version of football by starting the season with international games and opening up offices around the world, but I still see the organization as primarily US-centric. The Bleacher Report had a good article from a couple years ago about taking the NFL global which is worth a quick read. To me, it was fun to see the interest in a US sporting team and event in a place with so little US brand exposure.

Or, I could be making a bigger deal about this than it is and the banners could be hung by a random bar owner with ties to Wisconsin!?

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That’s a delight. Wouldn’t it have been fun to have a second to hop off the bus and ask!

On the opposite side of “going global” NFL, I was visiting Quebec during last year’s Super Bowl, when New Orleans won… we felt distinctly out of place even planning to watch, nevermind being excited about the game. No banners there, LOL.



Hey Kelly,

Yes, as I was writing the post that was one of my thoughts – I wish I could have gotten a bit more information. Looks like I’ll have to go back!

Thanks for stopping by the site,


I just like to believe that we have Packer fans around the world!

I think most Cheeseheads believe the same. Wisconsin has been in the news a lot lately…Badgers, Packers, Missing Democrats. :)

Hope all is well!

Much like Australian Rules Football it is trying to appeal to an international market. Our game is spreading through Asia and Southern Africa.

Much like Australian Rules Football it is trying to appeal to an international market. Our game is spreading through Asia and Southern Africa. Is it ture?

Packer fans around the world can find their desired brand any where around the world, i think.

Yea! The packer brand publicized its brand in a way that even a kid knows about it.