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Lifetime Fitness Campaign Gets Me Thinking…And Exercising

Category : branding, campaigns


Occasionally, I’ll come across a piece of advertising or messaging that strikes me in some way. Sometimes, I’ll be hit by how bad the advertiser or brand missed the mark and sometimes I’ll really appreciate how they connected with me. In this case, I was definitely impressed with the positioning and messaging presented by Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness has built itself up in recent years to be the prominent health club in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. They build gyms that appeal to a broad base of exercise interests spawning generations – from kids clubs to seniors programs. My family belongs to Lifetime and actively use many of their facilities.

A few weeks ago as I was exiting the club I caught the banner – pictured here – out of the corner of my eye. The slogan, “I can do it all in my Lifetime” jumped out at me. My first thought was of the Lifetime Marketing team sitting around a table and having one of those “Aha Moments” when an idea or concept materializes. It’s one of those fun moments to be in Marketing. My guess is that happened here. It also spurred me to whip out a camera in a healthclub and take a picture. Probably not one of my better ideas but, oh well – this post wouldn’t be much without the visuals!

I like the concept, alot (the messaging – not me taking pictures in a health club). Two messages jumped out at me instantly. One, Lifetime Fitness is offering me the chance within their gyms to select from a wide variety of exercise options. This is also presented to me visually by showing a variety of options available to me that I may not be able to experience in my lifetime if I wasn’t a member.

But, I like advertising that could have double meanings and makes me think about what those are. This piece also stirred the emotion that if I utilize the wide variety of exercise options available to me, I’ll put my body, mind, and spirit in a better position to experience more out of life. I’d be curious to know from Lifetime if that was the intention or merely a product of me over-analyzing this.

From a campaign standpoint, it was well thought out as well. Below is what appears on their website and they’re also running some print advertisements with the same concept. But, I didn’t see much on their Facebook or Twitter pages about the campaign. It might have been a good idea to carry it through all mediums they’re using to reach out to their customer base. I’m sure it’s mentioned on a post or tweet but I think having the logos present on the social media presence would have carried the message through nicely.

But, overall, the message made me think and helped to position their brand in my mind – isn’t that what we’re all after with advertising and campaigns?

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I have been very conscious about marketing strategies in targeting people to engage in healthy living. I favor those that promote healthy living rather than focusing on losing weight. Although I would also have to mention the fact that most of the people look for the means to “lose weight” rather than be healthy.

Aurora Mesner
Allentown PA Accountant

We had a membership with Great Lakes Athletic Club near us. They are Lifetimes big competitor in the area. We were actually thinking about changing. Joining such a gym is to incorporate a new lifestyle of healthy living. The lifestyle is what needs to be marketed. Social interactions along with feeling and looking great.

If only one slogan could do all things for all people.

The first essential of a good advertisement is that it must be so designed as to attract the attention of those whom it is addressed

The fact that the advertisement actually makes you think is already a great sign of its effectiveness and I doubt that it was something accidental. I believe good advertisers will create ads and content in such a way as to induce this “over-analyzing” in the minds of the public. The more time you spend thinking about the brand, the greater the indication that the campaign was successful to the marketer/advertiser.