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Hotel Video Marketing – Good Tool or Not?

Category : video marketing


I recently wrote about an experience I had in Europe staying at Ibis hotels. I was impressed with their marketing of their services and the backing of that brand marketing by hotel staff. The post was fun for me to write and discuss with readers as I end up staying in quite a few hotels throughout the year – some good and some…not so good. Traveling in the US is a bit easier on the hotel selection as the locations to which I travel are dominated by trusted (most of the time) chain hotels like Marriott or Hilton. But, internationally is a different story. The chains are there but often at a price that the corporate budget can’t handle or a location that doesn’t work for me.

Often, I’m faced with a decision process based on price, location, and a few pictures and amenities posted on the random hotel website. Not exactly reassuring when your worst nightmare is a dingy, dirty hotel room. Sites like TripAdvisor help in the decision process with customer reviews but what happens when there are only a few reviews and they could easily be from friends of the hotel owners.

So, I’m in the process of finding a room in Paris for a week this Fall and I came across this website with an interesting video feature. Before I dig in, check it out:

The hotel is the Hotel Gramont Opera and to see how the video looks when launched from their site, click here.

The video depicts a businesswoman utilizing the hotel amenities such as free wifi, breakfast area and conference rooms on site. It gives you an idea of what rooms will look like as well as other locations such as the hotel salon and bar. Obviously, this is professionally done and shows the hotel in the best light possible.

I realized after I watched this that video depiction of a hotel experience is a rare marketing tool. Admittedly, I found myself more inclined to consider this property after watching someone else go through their stay. ┬áSo, it begs the question – Is showing an individual or group of people enjoying the hotel a good thing? Here are a couple of thoughts:

  • You can tell this is professionally done, but likely on a tight budget. It’s quality enough that it portrays the hotel in a good light. I do think, however, that some boutique hotels could go low budget and perhaps harm the opinion of their property if the video is poor quality.
  • This video portrays a businesswoman, but what if I’m a family considering that hotel in Paris for a vacation. Would the focus on a business person lead me to believe that children probably wouldn’t fit in? Of course, there is a chance that this hotel’s goal is to try and attract the business person.
  • I think this is a strong tool for boutique hotels that might not get the large exposure of a bigger property or chain. I’m often most leery of these types of hotels because there aren’t many reviews and the websites are often lower budget. It doesn’t cost a fortune to produce this and it gives the website visitor more confidence in the hotel.
  • This hotel “gets” marketing more than others I’ve seen. They’re prominently showing the video on their home page and advertising the fact they’re reviewed on Trip Advisor.

Overall, I’m a fan of this type of marketing and see little downside. Did I book at this hotel? Unfortunately, no. I went with something a bit closer to where I’d be spending a majority of my time.

What are your thoughts? Does video give you a unique perspective of hotel properties or would you pay little attention if one was offered?

Comments (35)

I think a video lends itself very well as a marketing tool for the right hotel/resort property.

This video produced an inviting and reassuring image of this property. This is key since the quality of European boutique hotels can be unpredictable. This video conveys cleanliness and trustworthiness. But, you’re right, the video may be slightly alienating families or large groups. Perhaps, they need to make a second video to feature alongside this one.

I’m going to agree with Reputation Management, it’ll be great marketing for the right (specific) hotel/resort.

I also feel that video works well as a marketing tool for this property. It is what people expect – they want (or almost require) that a site has video. There have been many times when I have skipped over a product or service website when I felt there should be a video explanation of said product or service. I don’t know when that video was produced, but The Lonely Marketer mentioned it was most likely professionally done. I realize this is more of a different conversation, but that video was more on the amateur side done in iMovie or similar. What most small marketing managers don’t realize is that there are some AMAZING production options avail for a much smaller pricetag than you would think. With a bit more time and prep, that video could have been produced 10x better -thereby equating more room nites booked. There was a time when people were used to the shaky You Tube vids, but the human population has become more accustomed to a higher production quality. And that quality is avail a much lower price that you would expect. You just need to know where that quality resides.

Jim Jagels
The Adpro Group

I recently watched marketing videos of Crystal Orange Hotel. It’s a series of 12 short films about different people’s manner in expressing love. I have to say, the videos get my interest in the hotel. This is an innvative way to marketing service and products.

We recently created a hotel video for a client and marketed it on youtube. In the first couple of weeks we got 18,000 views and the hotel bookings went through the roof. I am surprised more hotels are not exploiting this opportunity

I think this video is an invaluable tool especially if it is added to landing pages. It will give the guests a feel of what their stay will be like. A step above the competition.

Very interesting – we might use this


I think a high quality video tour of hotel facilities is an excellent marketing tool and an interesting and useful guide for prospective guests.

I think that the main goal is to get to the people associated with business, they don’t want to target the video for anyone else – and if this hotel is prepared only for business purposes that is very good move to make their clients feel special. And the guests don’t need to worry about kids running through the corridors ;-)

very interesting idea Patrick, and i think it will put off families but only if they only see this video in isolation. Instead if there is on page copy next to the video highlighting business & family facilities the balance then is corrected. (This video perhaps should be on a dedicated business page) I was really surprised some people clearly prefer to see text while others images/videos. It’s all about satisfying every kind of potential visitor, isn’t it?

I think a video-tour is a an impressive marketing tool for getting new customer. Customer can see what they get and its not a paid surprise ;)


This type of marketing is very effective. Videos are the 2nd most search in the internet. Let’s take for example YouTube. YouTube was said to be the “2nd largest Search Engine” even though it’s not an SE. If incorporated through this type of business, it is more likely to succeed.

Hi Pat,

I’m a huge believer that the clever application of video in ANY marketing can enhance the marketing message. In this instance, I believe they’re also cleverly tapping into “social proof” as we get to see someone else who’s had the great experience that we want from any hotel stay.

Kind regards,
-John Landells.
[Video Marketer]

I have been a victim of great pics that look nothing like the room I receive on arrival. A good video, if well produced, has the opportunity engage customers – but only if marketed correctly

this is key since the quality of European boutique hotels can be unpredictable. This video conveys cleanliness and trustworthiness.

Video says more than thousand of photos. Good speech also can attract new customers.

We are actually thinking of investing in a good video to market our hotel, and I am glad to see that you had a positive experience with this. and than you for the tips on how to make the video better! Great post!

I’m going to have to disagree with the majority on this matter. Ultimately, if an organization cannot afford a professional quality video, and if their campaign lacks innovation and a targeted approach, it is hard for me to believe that this tactic would increase sales. Today’s consumers tend to shop analytically. When considering various hotel options, people will often assess multiple factors, such as social feedback, authoritative reviews, and competitive offers. I believe Hotel Gramont Opera would be better served investing in an integrated marketing approach that addresses social influence, SEO, and professional photography/video production.

A marketing video is a great way forward to promoting any business. We’ve had great success with these and apply them to many of the routines we use and so they bring in clients, it’s also great to see vids appearing in the serps now also.

They’re great and allow you to send a trusting and direct message to market. You can answer a thousand questions within a two minute for a client, they are worth the investment.

So true, we have explored video marketing and found out it’s potential at driving clients to our website. I’ve read so much about video marketing and how it could help your business go viral with proper content. It’s effective if you’ve got the right content (All information about your services/products) creatively made via video in a short period of time.

Yea I’m a member on bodybuilding.com and their videos are the best tool on their site to make sure I have good form.

Seriously, not a plug. Videos are great.

Videos and video graphics are certainly helping us especially since all the search engine updates have occurred.

This kind of marketing tool is very useful especially nowadays people are into internet search. Through this, the company can attract more possible customers and can invite more people to visit the area.

I think a video is almost essential to stand out in today competitive markets. I think that production value needs to be really high or it will bite you in the but. I think this is probably the lowest quality video that a business could hope to get away with.

Hotel video marketing is good tools in my opinion. It is very usefull and high video pixel is needed for video marketing

Ofcourse, it is a good tool. And it is the best tool to make our advertising stand out of the competition we face and video can describe well rather than words.

I like videos that auto play. It is just my thing, but it forces another sense into the webpage viewers head.

Really interesting article.. We were thinking of adding a video to our website, and were looking at the pros and cons of it. It looks like videos are great for conversions.

Incorporating video in any business venture is a very effective means of a promotional campaign. This is definitely true in the hospitality industry. It is one of the best marketing ideas of hotels.

In this Internet Era, when youtube is worlds 3rd highest traffic website, it makes sense to invest in video marketing to get better exposure and boost in business.

We were thinking of adding a video to our website, and were looking at the pros and cons of it. It looks like videos are great for conversions.
Hotel video marketing is good tools in my opinion. It is very usefull and high video pixel is needed for video marketing

I think I probably would look at the video particularly if I were travelling overseas. I would be far more likely to look at it for personal use than if work were paying.

I like how the video pulled all their features and benefits together although it was a little cheesy and I don’t think the ‘business woman’ will be getting an academy award anytime soon!

As long as the video is reasonable quality, it does seem to be a way to separate this hotel from most others and at the end of the day, that’s worth doing. How effective this approach will be in the years to come remains to be seen?

Nice article, I think video is important, giving the user a better feeling about hotel and help him to decide booking or not the hotel.