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Marketing Misfire Photo of the Week

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I couldn’t resist taking this photo while walking around in Manhattan. I’ll leave the company name out of it but this was their main marketing message on the front of the building. They may want to consider revamping their positioning a bit – or maybe the marketing department.

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That’s quite interesting. I think they don’t need to consider revamping their positioning a bit, they to replace it. Kinda rusty and needs repaint. I must admit, it made sense.

“There’s a chance you might find it cheaper, but then you’d have to spend the time and energy finding this cheaper place and then actually traveling there. We’re guessing since you’re here now by virtue of reading this sign, you might as well come in here and buy it. You could probably also buy it online and have it shipped directly to your house with free shipping, but … please don’t do that.”

LOL, I thought there is something wrong with the tag line. It took me 5 times to re- read it haha. There are a lot of business establishments here in my place similar to that. It scares me away actually.

Agreed, Mark. I did a few double takes as well. Thanks for commenting.

I also Agree with mark. lol
great comment. :D

How about “We are probably the lowest priced guaranteed” :) There seems to be a little uncertainty there. Perhaps they can just offer to match the lowest advertised price. That might be better.

Personally, I detest competing on price. I want to add more value than the next guy. The best customer service, the best guarantee, the best fulfillment. Why would you need to compete on price unless you suck?

By the “i” letter i can see that they are the lowest prices in town LOL

Yeah, they don’t have even money to fix it!!! )))

guys guys guys – that was done on purpose! Didn’t you know they spent thousands on an agency to tell them the research they did was that if the letter “I” is slanted that it instills brand confidence in consumers?


Did you go inside the building? may be this has been working for them from the beginning/may be their target market is easily captured, there are two sides,you may be correct .as per me cannot judge from the board.

This may be a good marketing strategy in order to show every one that prices here are really cheap because we are too poor that we do not have money to develop a real marketing strategy

The message itself could work. However, the way the sign is taken care of says a lot about how they business cares for itself. If they don’t even take the time to maintain their sign, it looks as if they don’t care a lot about their own business. I can only assume if they don’t care a lot about their business they don’t care a lot about their customers either. I would pass on this business.


This is hilarious and probably not very effective either… the text and the message would be acceptable, but they should at least fix the sign… :)

There is nothing wrong with a low priced strategy but it would seem that company should be sure about it. LOL

To think they paid extra for every extra letter of the work “Probably”

It’s wrote “PROBABLY”..you must thinking that company is not lowest price, but stil PROBABLY..
but it’s a good marketing..

I’ts psychology strategy..When Its write “lowest”, people thinking it’s cheaper than other..they don’t thinking about “probably”..

They are creatively targeting their market and that is the market which likes cheap product or services or you can say which is looking for it because of their lower ability to pay for any goods or services offering by this company you are hiding the name.

And the letter “I” that seems it will fall down, it’s just a real “fall” or is another marketing strategy?

That’s pretty low. The sign is even rusted and should get a re-paint at the very least. Should have been “We provide the worst marketingideas on the planet” :P

I’m pretty sure everyone majoring in sciences and engineering know what to do with QR codes. They just don’t care, because the QR codes never lead to anything useful. They always go to marketing sites with little useful information, or to sites that automatically log your phone number for future spamming (as one local real estate agent does).

No wonder they provide cheap marketing with cheap signs like that! I’d prefer a company that actually maintains their signs…

oh my goodness! they need to replace that sign

There’s a market for every one. I guess most of us look for quality, but for those looking for a bargain, this might actually work.

Lol! They might have choosen that post in front of their company to attract the people, i consider.

Thats just hilarious! And the effect with the “i” being all dangly just adds the extra credibility!

Did you go inside the building? may be this has been working for them from the beginning/may be their target market is easily captured, there are two sides,you may be correct .as per me cannot judge from the board.

LOL! That was Awesome. I think, the company might have mentioned that with an aim to attract the visitors going by as most of the people look for low price.

This was really different way of marketing, may be they want to attract as many customers as they can by telling them that they are the lowest priced

Genius – might have a re-vamp of our site and kick a few letters out of position, turn a few icons on their side :)

I like it. It’s honest. Everyone says they are the best…the cheapest… yada yada. Being different gives you pause. If it said “We are the lowest…” would it generate any interest here?

I would be interested in having a conversation with the creator to determine who is audience is and the effect this sign has had. It may be shaky and old because it has worked and continue to work as evidenced by increased sales. You never know.

This is really hilarious. I am sure their business is not doing so well.

Somebody already said it, maybe there’s a huge plan behind this with months of strategic planning and a big budget to come up with the idea to put up a dirty, cheap-looking sign. Or maybe not.

I think it has some honesty to it: We don’t (and couldn’t) price everyone, but we’re pretty cheap – probably the cheapest. Why? Because we don’t spend any money on signs.

I’d shop there :)

I agree with Brian…it’s not the price that’s usually crucial to the buying market, but the quality of the product and the company’s service.

Right, ‘coz however good the quality of the product may be, if the service isn’t good, they won’t have repeat buyers.

I think they want some humor on this “advertisement”. It can get some customers, but depends of the business.

If this sign was displayed in a different manner it may have the wow factor that it was probably intending to achieve. However having a sign that is old and lacking any sort of enthusiasm will most likely put customers off. The company needs to adjust its marketing campaign in order to attract the customers.

Its really an attempt to draw customers. People do devise bizarre strategies of marketing.

Ha ha ha. That’s hilarious. The CEO of that company should be proud of his employees.

security services

I quite like it (to laugh at that is). It’s a bit like saying, “we’re probably quite good”. Somehow I don’t think that captures people imagination.

What about something more attention-getting that is equally blunt “this place is a dive, but boy we’re cheap”. Sometimes that sort of honesty is refreshing (and draws attention).

Definitely not good positioning. You get what you pay for!

I’d love to be trusted better quality instead of the lowest price. However, it is important and what you get, not just how much you pay.

Who ever made that sign should have been fired when it arrived in my opinion.

Though this can be enticing for prospective customers in terms of its price, I think the campaign needs a bit of conviction of their offering. There might be some clients who would also consider the quality, other than just the rate itself.

I think it has some honesty to it: We don’t (and couldn’t) price everyone, but we’re pretty cheap – probably the cheapest. Why?

I think Its hard to judge an advertisement when you don’t know the product. If you were looking at a slogan that said “Probably the best beer in the world” would you be thinking………..hey, they should have more confidence in their own beer.

That sign definitely shows a lot of confidence on the marketer’s side LOL. This picture really made my day.